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Sports Psychology

Taking Athletic Performance To A New Level 

Sports Psychology is about the attainment of peak performance.  As a Mental Game Coach I provide professional training to athletes of all skill levels to help them improve their mental performance skills.  My style of coaching looks at how you are mentally approaching your sport as well as the rest of your life.  I create a unique plan to address your challenges and goals.  Combining the principles of sports psychology and my experience as a professional therapist has made an incredible impact on both sports and personal goals of my clients.

I believe the qualities of peak performance in sport are gained through mental training that begins with a focus on the positive aspects of an athlete's mental performances, physical abilities, and preparation skills.  After an evaluation, training strategies will be developed to help you gain more control over what happens during competitions by being completely prepared in the mind, body, and spirit.

I have been successfully using a program with athletes from individual and team sports to help them reach their peak performance for 20 years.  I offer a unique service in the Northwest that has helped athletes obtain High School State Championships, National Tournament Success, College Athletic Scholarships, and much, much more.  The applications are not limited by your level of skill, only your level of motivation. Putting these skills to practice successfully will make an immediate impact.

Skills Gained:
»Effective Goal Setting
»Creating positive thought patterns and belief systems
»Emotion Management
»Visualization and imagery skills
»Positive self-talk
»Progressive relaxation techniques


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